Green Beans, Potatoes, and Short Ribs (Slow Cooker)

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I’m still getting green beans from the garden, and I bought some new potatoes, so I was just going to cook those two together and have a great dish.  However, I live with a man, and he wants something like short ribs with it.  So the ribs cooked on top of the veggies in the slow cooker.  And I have to admit, the ribs made the potatoes and green beans incredibly delicious.  In addition, the ribs are moist roasted instead of braised.

For seasoning, I was going to use my regular short rib repertoire, but decided to make it a little simpler.  There’s a great all purpose seasoning that I’ve used on everything.  It’s one of my “go to” seasonings especially when I’m in a hurry and I want lots of flavor fast.  It’s Frankly Delicious, 14 oz, and if you shop in Gatesville, it’s available at Swindall’s Drive In Grocery, 2524 East Main (254-865-2359) most of the time.  (update on Swindall’s – it moved in with Ranchers – call them first)

Otherwise, contact information is:

Cen-Tex Spices
Route 2, Box 424A
Giddings, TX 78942
Contact: Mr. Joe R. Franks
Telephone: (409) 542-2942
Brands: Frankly DeliciousGreen Beans, Potatoes, and Short Ribs

Green Beans, Potatoes, and Short Ribs (Slow Cooker)

Prep Time: 20 minutes

This is one of my “the amounts are up to you” recipes. As Michael Symon (Iron Chef) says - learn a good recipe and you can make a good dish, but if you learn a good technique, you can make a lot of good dishes.


  • 2 TBSP olive oil
  • Short ribs*
  • Salt and pepper
  • New potatoes, or any small potato, or large potatoes cut up
  • Green beans
  • Beef broth or stock
  • Frankly Delicious seasoning
  • Granulated garlic powder


  1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  2. Salt and pepper the meat and sear on all sides.
  3. While that’s cooking, place potatoes in the bottom of a slow cooker, put beans on top. Season with Frankly and garlic, and pour enough broth in to come up to the top of the beans.
  4. Place seared meat on top, season with a little more Frankly and garlic.
  5. Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours, or until everything is done.
  6. Note: * Other cuts of meat I would use include: a chunk of chuck (7-bone is usually cheaper and it’s chuck), oxtail, or shank cuts. When they go on sale, I buy them and put them in the freezer. Now sometimes HEB labels shank as soup bones, so I always check the meats when I’m there because I often get them “on sale” even when it’s not advertised.

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  1. Jim McDaniel says:

    I live in Virginia and smoked a couple of Briskits and some ribs this past weekend and for you Milam/Lee County folks, I used Joe Frank’s “Frankly Delicious” rub and seasoning for the first time. Joe was a friend of my Aunt Mervyn in Giddings and he hunted feral hogs when I briefly knew him. My brother told me he was making a highly touted rub and selling it locally; I bought some the last time I was home and went thru Giddings. After this weekend I highly recommend it for those who use rubs. (My Facebook post)

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