Great Everyday Items

EVERYDAY ITEMS – some for price and quality, some just for quality


  • Great Value® Buttery Smooth Crackers (better ingredient list than Club®)
  • Oscar Mayer® Angus Uncured Hot Dogs
  • Great Value® All Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream
  • Great Value® 5 Cheese Ravioli (frozen)
  • Harvestland whole chickens – antibiotic and hormone free


David’s Grocery

  •  Spice Supreme® spices – great selection including things like Caraway Seed, Fennel Seed, Pickling Spice, Five Spice, Vegetable Flakes, etc. for around $1.00 a container.


Brookshire Brothers

  • PictSweet Italian Green Beans – frozen
  • Don Pancho® wholewheat tortillas



  • HEB Whole Beets (canned)
  • HEB® frozen vegetables
  • HEB® boxed Chicken Broth
  • HEB® boxed Beef Broth
  • HEB® Select Artichoke Hearts (frozen)
  • HEB® line of sausages in 1 pound chubs, including Chorizo and Sage
  • HEB grinds their own hamburger out of steaks for 2.28 / lb (not always available)
  • Stores that have bulk items in bins – beans, pasta, rice, all grains, nuts, spices and herbs
  • HEB® Frozen Fruit Bars  (peach is my favorite)
  • Sohgave™ agave nectar


Dollar General

  • Clover Valley boxed Chicken Broth
  • Clover Valley boxed Beef Broth


La Michoacana

Always has best prices on:

  • Onions
  • Garlic


Spec’s Liquour Store

  • Anchovy paste
  • Capers 32 oz


Pederson’s Natural Farms – in Hamilton, 1207 South Rice, 254-386-4790