Grains and Rice

Since I mentioned my “rice mix” in the Lentil Stew post, I thought I’d say just a little more about it.  I never liked rice when I was growing up, and I still don’t care for some kinds of rice.  I learned to eat short grain brown rice, when it was a staple of my diet.  It’s still my favorite, and it has much more flavor than the long grain.  Unfortunately, short grain brown rice is hard to find, and is not typically on the shelves of the majority of grocery stores.  I have a much easier time finding it in large markets that have health food sections, natural foods stores, and specialty markets.  It’s easy to find at Asian stores, but you usually have to buy a 10-25 lb bag.  That’s not a problem for me, but most people mind that kind of stock!

When my brother came to visit once, he bought one of the specialty rice mixes that cost as much as steak, and of course my husband fell in love with it.  I decided it wasn’t worth the money, so I make my own mix.  You can really use whatever whole grains you most like.  I typically use short grain brown rice, sometimes I add long grain brown rice to the mix, soft wheatberries, whole rye grains, whole oat grains, black rice (pictured), and sometimes quinoa.  You’ll find these grains in bins in markets like Central Market.  The dark rice is the only thing I can find pre-packaged.  The simple cooking method is 2 cups of liquid to each cup of rice mix.  Add seasoning, some type of fat if you want, and once it reaches a boil, cook on as low a heat as you can for about 50-60 min.  Make sure when you lower the heat, you maintain a simmer in the pan.  On electric stoves, you may have to use a heat diffuser.  I have a picture of one type below.


I just got an email some of you might be interested in. Here’s a copy.

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  1. dian says:

    Hey…glad to hear HEB does not have pink slime in their ground beef…have you heard it on the news???

    1. carolyn davidson says:

      LIke you I was delighted to know HEB was above the rim of slime. I am continually impressed with what HEB tries to achieve.

    2. Lanie Fioretti says:

      I am continually impressed with the quality of HEB’s products. In areas where they’re pretty much the only game in town, they have enough integrity to offer good quality for a fair price.

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