Gorman Falls 2014

We thought we were going to have to miss our yearly hike to Gorman Falls, because it’s been so dry, and very little water comes over the falls area, during dry conditions.  But after going to the Frio River, we realized how much rain there had been in that area of the state, and planned a last minute day trip to Colorado Bend.  Once again, we were awestruck by the magic of such a tropical spot, particularly when you know how desert-like Central Texas is.

Some great road improvements and changes have been made at Colorado Bend State Park, and you don’t have to make the same mistakes we made.  As you enter the park from the Lampasas side, stop at the pull-off where the large sign, and map is.  From that location you can pay your fee, deposit it in the box, and have a tag for your dashboard. Gorman Falls is one of the first turn-offs in the park, and there used to be a registration box there, but not any more.  So, if you don’t register at the pull-off area, you have to drive an additional 6 miles to the park station.  That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but we lost 45 minutes making that extra jaunt – speed limit, road work…………

04 Gorman Falls 2014

02 Gorman Falls 2014

01 Gorman Falls 2014

03 Gorman Falls 2014

05 Gorman Falls 2014