It’s hard to believe that a biotech company has been allowed to destroy the livelihood of many farmers, produce products and seeds that are potentially extremely harmful to humans (we are currently the experimental animals), and now have protection to allow them to continue producing  those same products, even if litigation for health problems from GMO crops arise.  What’s next?  Just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does.  And it’s hard for me to believe that we cannot do anything about it.  Just imagine what would happen if none of the manufacturers had to issue a “recall” on anything they produced that might be, or is harmful to us.  That’s essentially what this GMO protection is (under the recently passed HR 933, Section 735)- there will be no recall under any circumstances.

If you haven’t seen it on the news lately, one in 88 children are diagnosed with autism.  That’s an alarming statistic, but not an isolated example of the progressive increase in health disorders.  It’s irresponsible to think our food supply, packaging, etc. are not, at the very least, contributing factors.  Make sure you stay informed about what’s happening to our food and eventually our health, click here to read the entire article about how our legislators are, once again, undermining us.  For an easy to read explanation of the relevant section of  the bill, “The Consolidated and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013,” click here.