Get Ready for Fall Gardening

I got my seed order this past week, and as usual I went overboard, but I really needed it all!  Some of the seeds will get stored until spring planting time.  The deer are marauding again, so I have to rethink some of my areas I plant.  I ordered most of my seeds from Seed Saver Exchange.  I wanted Texas heirloom tomato seeds, and the only ones I could find were Plainsman from Sustainable Seed Company.  I also ordered alyssum from Sustainable to plant near the lettuces, because it attracts beneficial insects for lettuce.

I’m pretty happy about the white squash and Italian squash I’ve replanted, because they are up and thriving.  I’m already getting a few white squash.  The Italian green beans are coming up, and I had a great lemon cucumber plant that there is no trace of now, the deer ate it completely (don’t get me started on how much I dislike deer).  I had a great relationship with the deer for the first 3 years I’ve lived here, but they crossed the line this year, and it’s going to get ugly.  However, on the cucumber front, the Armenian cucumbers that I thought were dying, have come back with a vengeance.  We’re picking about four a day right now.

It’s great that we can grow and harvest something all year.  I’ve gotten some good information in newsletters about fall planting, click here, for a fall planting guide.  Don’t forget, if you like greens, they grow all winter and typically come back from a freeze.