Georgetown Gastronomy and Hawaiian in Killeen

It was a good idea to go to Georgetown on Wednesday.  We spent a lot of time on the square.  We ate lunch at Wildfire, and it was excellent.  They have an extensive lunch menu and really reasonable prices.  I had chorizo stuffed pork tenderloin with ancho bourbon pan sauce, horseradish potatoes, and applewood bacon & collard greens. Nina had chicken fried steak with anaheim-bacon-cheddar red bliss mash potatoes and Texas pecan green beans.  It is definitely worth a stop, whether you’re going to Georgetown or just going by the exit.

Continuing on our walk around the square, we came to Georgetown Winery.  We couldn’t just walk by it.  This is a pretty interesting place,  in addition to their wines, they had lots of “stuff.”  Some of the things that interested me the most were the huge selection of house-made flavored balsamic vinegars and olive oils.  You can taste any or all of them.  So we did that, of course, and a wine tasting.  One of the most memorable things we tasted was Chocolate Cherry Almond Port!  There’s nothing I can add that could convey how amazing this award winning port is.


In a previous post, I talked about C&H Grill, another Hawaiian restaurant in Killeen.  Then I found out about Aloha & Talofa Market.  Don went for lunch, and had Mochiko Chicken.  He said it was wonderful.  Unfortunately, he forgot the camera!