Gardening in Winter

Mother Earth Newsletter had some great articles about composting, preparing for winter, winter gardening, and how to clean vegetables.  Before we go into that, in case you still aren’t convinced gardening is for you, let me share an article from Prevention magazine this month.  Here’s the article as it appeared:

Dig in the dirt

According to a 2011 Dutch study published in the Journal of Health Psychology, 30 minutes of gardening reduces stress levels more effectively than 30 minutes of reading quietly in a room. The researchers say it’s the result of physical activity. But perhaps the secret lies in the dirt itself. A few studies have shown a link between a common bacterium (M. vaccae) found in garden soil and increased serotonin levels, meaning less anxiety and better concentration. Gardeners may inhale this bacterium while digging in the soil.  Published November 2012, Prevention

In addition to reducing stress, we can grow really good food to nourish ourselves.  Since every cell in our bodies depends on what we eat, we just can’t expect to stay healthy, and not dependent on “pharmaceuticals,” without doing our part.  I know it sounds funny, but my favorite day this week was when I gathered eggs at our neighbor’s, picked gorgeous large persimmons from my father-in-law’s, got turnips and greens from our other neighbor, and gathered pecans from our property.  Alright, I’ll move on now!

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