Garden Guidance – Tomatoes


Author:  Don

My garden conversations with Raymond are continuing with “Tomatoes.”

Raymond will plant up to a hundred tomato plants every year. His favorite variety is Celebrity. He shared a tip with me when planting tomatoes. After digging the hole for the plant, he adds 1-tablespoon of Epson Salt, 1-tablespoon Powdered Milk and 1-tablespoon Miracle Grow (or your favorite plant food). Work those ingredients into the soil; add the plant, dirt, and water.

Raymond Tomato Garden 6

Raymond planted the first group of tomatoes in March with the help of a product called Wall O‘ Water. They work well until the plant pops out and we get a late freeze. He had a few burned leaves that should recover.

Raymond Tomato Garden 7

Wind is a problem for those tender nursery plants so Raymond uses a 20” Stretch Plastic Wrap around his wire cages. You can buy this at a place like U-Haul or shipping supply vendors. It’s a quick way to wrap the cage, and easily peels off when the plant is established.

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