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Author:  Don

I’m continuing my garden conversations with Raymond.  On Sunday March 3, he planted potatoes.  He usually stores some of his previous year’s potatoes, in an outdoor refrigerator, to use as seed potatoes for the next year. He cuts the potatoes into pieces, with 2 eyes per piece, 2 -3 days before planting, to let the cut edges seal.  To follow Raymond’s method, use the steps below.

15 LB Potato Eyes 01

Create a trench 4-8 inches deep using your favorite digging tool. Raymond uses a rear tine tiller with a plow attachment.

Raymond with Tiller Attachment 02Tiller Attachment 03

Before placing the potato starts, he waters in a 13-13-13 fertilizer, or use your favorite organic fertilizer.

Rows Ready for Planting Potatoes 04

Press the potato starts into the base of the trench, approximately 8 inches apart with the eyes up.

WS Placing Potato Eyes in Row 05

Use a hoe to pull both sides of the row into the trench, creating a raised mound of dirt.

Pulling Dirt Over Planted Potato Row 07

Tamp the top center down, to allow water to collect.  Then water the newly planted potato starts.

Final Potatoes Covered and Tamped 08

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  1. M. C. Henderson says:

    Love to see my favorite person in his garden.
    He is the BEST…. Thanks for posting the pictures. CenTex Cooks makes my day!

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