Fuego Tortilla Grill, Waco

Somehow, we confused this restaurant with Brazilian steak and never tried it.  Finally, this week we went to their drive-thru and brought tacos home, so not good looking enough for pictures, by the time we got home!  However, they have awesome, upscale tacos, it’s open 24 – 7, and serve breakfast all day (what’s not to like?!).  We had Leti Da Bomb, and Widow Maker tacos.  Fuego is just west of Walgreens on 84, in Woodway (Waco area).   It’s in the same building as the emergency care center. Something to keep in mind if you’re really hungry AND have an emergency!  Click here, to checkout their menu.  If you go to the drive-thru, make sure you have something to set the bag in – leakage was a bit of a problem for us.