Front Yard Foraging, Flowers, and Fall

We’re creeping toward fall weather!  I’ve gotten part of the garden planted, in fact the lettuce is already up.  Friday evening I had good intentions to plant all the greens, but I got sidetracked by harvesting mushrooms again.  There’s a little different variety of puffball mushroom coming up now and they are pretty large, but not as big as the giant puffballs.  And they are oh so delicious.  It’s been a real treat to harvest them this fall.

Continuing with my “eating wild” theme, we have a lot of lambs’ quarters in the front yard.  Even though they’re basically wild spinach, I like to trim some of them to look like small trees.  When the young leaves are cooked, they taste a lot like spinach.  And the great thing about them is they grow all summer, even if you don’t water them, and the insects don’t like them.  In our yard they reseed prolifically, so I just pull them out where I don’t want them to grow.

We also had a lot of purslane in the front beds that came up on it’s own.  It’s pretty tasty sauteed, but apparently the deer wanted it raw.  I may decide to throw a net over it, if I really want to harvest it, or maybe I’ll do it just to tick off the deer!

We took a few pictures of the blooms in the yard right now.

This is “pumpkin on a stick.”  It dries naturally for fall arrangements.


  1. Cindy says:

    You eat purslane moss? And what does lambs quarter look like. I am wondering if I have some. Sounds like vacation was fun!

    1. Lanie Fioretti says:

      Yes, saute it in oil or butter, salt and pepper and that’s it. Don said to tell you, it tastes like chicken (just kidding). The picture of lambs quarter is the first one on the post, click on it to enlarge. Mine has a pinkish purple tinge, but some plants are solid green. The leaves are not very large, but on young growth, cut a stem off, then hold the stem and strip the leaves off. Click here for some great pictures on the internet. Vacation was awesome. There’s pictures under “Food for Thought,” then click on “Places to Go,” or just put Panama in the “Search” window on the top right of this page.

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