French Toast Waffle

I know, great concept.  Whether you call them French Toast Waffle or Waffled French Toast, they are simply delicious.  I don’t like making waffle batter, but I love waffles.  And I like French toast, but sometimes it’s a little “eggy” for my taste.  This is the perfect way to get the best of both, and easy.

I made a breakfast version of them, but you could make them savory and make a sandwich out of them, or serve them with fried chicken……….or make a fried chicken sandwich!  It’s just so much easier, than trying to make a Monte Cristo sandwich (sandwich coated and fried, like French toast) – just put the French toast waffle sandwich together and heat it in the oven!

For the sweet version, I whisk eggs with a little vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and a splash of cream.
For the savory version, I whisk eggs with chopped herbs, salt, pepper, and a splash of cream.  Add some parmesan to this mixture, for a special treat.

Dip the bread in whatever egg mixture you’ve prepared.  Place in preheated waffle iron.  Let brown.  For more directions, click here.


  1. Christy Fairey says:

    What?! No picture?! 🙂 Would you be willing to share what kind of bread you used and how many eggs per/bread slices?

    Sounds delicious!


    1. Lanie Fioretti says:

      Sorry, I didn’t get a picture yet! Typically, I use artisan bread that I slice, but anything with a pretty good texture would work. You need one egg for 2 slices of bread (about!). The waffle iron may not time correctly, so you’ll just have to check, when you think it’s ready. Enjoy!

      1. Christy Fairey says:

        Thank you, Lanie! I’m not at a place where I can just throw things together in the kitchen or cook without measurements. It always comes out such a mess! 🙂 This will be fun to try! Happy Wednesday!


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