Find Your Way With Vegetables

White Diakon (miyashige) is most commonly found for sale at farmers markets, Asian grocery stores, and upscale grocery stores.  It’s great raw and shredded or in marinated salads, but recently I read how beneficial it is in the garden, so it will become one of my regulars along with beans and legumes.   Click here, for some good information about daikon.

Also, I came across some information about papalo being a good substitute for cilantro in the summer garden.  It’s mild, slightly citrus and cilantro flavor are perfect for Mexican, Asian, or Latin dishes.     Papalo and daikon seeds both came from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Summer Cilantro - Papalo

I decided to pickle some asparagus this year.  The harvest has been really good, and still going on.  We’ve had enough to eat and share.  I used my basic fresh pickling recipe, but used white wine vinegar and rice vinegar instead of white vinegar.  Because the wine vinegar and rice vinegar are milder, I used them 50/50 with water.

Also, I did a similar thing with beets using balsamic vinegar and adding marjoram and thyme sprigs, and omitting the red pepper flakes.

If you decide to preserve by pickling, remember you can still cook with your pickled veggies.