Farmers Market, Greenhouse, and Nursery

The Gatesville Farmers Market has really changed, since I was selling vegetables there.  There are more vendors now, and more variety.  There is a German woman who’s makes breads and German pastries that are fabulous, using organic King Arthur flour.  There is also a woman raising goats and making cheese.  I bought feta with sun-dried tomato, Italian spices, and bacon.  It’s absolutely delicious, and the best I’ve had locally or from Austin.  Contact her before you go, to make sure she’ll be there, Sunshine (Chicktown Cheese), 254-289-9407.  I think I got there before the egg people, so I went to Coryell Feed to pick up eggs.  The market has been on Main Street and 5th, Saturday morning for sure.  There may be a new Main Street location for the market soon, I’ll keep you posted.

After the market, I made a quick trip to the Waco area to go to Organic Plus Nursery, and on to Bonnie’s Greenhouse on the east side.  Bonnie’s is definitely worth the trip, especially this time of year.  They have a huge variety of plants, and small stock on many of them.  Also, I was anxious to see their keyhole garden.  Don’s not crazy about hauling more rock to construct one for me.  The one at Bonnie’s is sold as a kit by Keyhole Farms, out of Clifton.  It has a metal frame and panels, and pretty easy to put together.

I didn’t say anything about Organic Plus, probably because I go there all the time.  While they don’t have an abundance of plants, they do have some variety, and good prices.  They have every soil amendment you can think of, and at a more reasonable price than you’ll find anywhere else.  And I picked up a dozen eggs while I was there.  I know I already bought a dozen, but I had asked them to hold a dozen for me, along with Nolo Bait (for grasshoppers).

My last gardening stop was at McCoy’s Lumber.  Don’s getting ready to set up the greenhouse we moved from a friend’s house, and we need all new panels, so I wanted to look at what’s available while we’re planning.  I’ll have pictures and details, as it progresses.  I’m very excited about it.