Fall Garden

Fall Seeds You’re looking at my weekend project, planting our fall garden.  I know it seems a bit ambitious to plant this variety of seeds, but I don’t plant a lot of any one thing.  I just want to make sure I have a harvest of something, and if I put enough out there, something’s bound to grow.  If everything grows, a lot more of my friends, family, and neighbors will enjoy the harvest!  The biggest challenge is getting the soil in condition to grow.  My husband is much more meticulous about planting than I am.  I figure if I get the seeds in the ground and they survive without a lot of prep and attention, I’ll have really strong plants (and sometimes that works).  This year I have to concede and put peat and compost where I’m planting.  I still have enough Garrett Juice to fertilize a little.

Sat. morning I went out to the garden to pick green beans, for the second time this week.  Once again, no one is more surprised than I am.  The beans I planted are from Seeds from Italy, click here to see the type.  They are always tender and no strings.Italian Green Beans

I looked over at the pitiful melon patch and I was pretty sure we might have a ripe watermelon, maybe!  Our luck with watermelons has not been good this year, and a couple years ago I was selling them at the farmers market.  I picked it and cut it open as soon as I got in the house.  It was so sweet, and what a great an end-of-season treat.  It’s a sugar baby, so it’s not very big.Sugar Baby Melon

As for the tomatoes, Don kept the drip on them through the summer, and I think we just may get a fall crop.  They’ve started growing and blooming again, so maybe we’ll have tomatoes before freeze, even if they’re green, I’m OK with that.

Fall Tomatoes


Oh, and I don’t want to forget about the white squash, we’re still picking it too.