Fall 2014 Gardening

Garden SpiderI usually don’t like spiders, but this large garden spider has been my buddy all summer. It lives on the door to the greenhouse, and very nicely moves out of the way, when I go in.  They eat an enormous amount of bugs, so I let these guys live.  She layed 3 egg sacks.  One we will try to move because it’s in the way of closing a large vent, and will get schmushed.  I’m not hopeful about it’s survival after relocation, but maybe.

I am so ready to start planting the greenhouse for fall and winter, but it’s a little too warm during the day still.  We do have some volunteer lettuce seedlings that are up, and the cilantro really reseeded well.  The eggplant has started producing profusely.  The swiss chard and kale are gorgeous.  They made it through the heat of the summer.

Lettuce, Asian mustards, and snap peas are all on the back table,waiting to be sowed.  I found some upland cress seeds that looked interesting, so I’ll give them a try this year. Carrots and beets might make the cut, and I think nasturtiums will be some interesting color.

There is an animal that burrowed into the greenhouse, but I haven’t seen any damage yet, and don’t have a clue what it might be – I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. Carla Henderson says:

    Hey, hey, I am back….! Miss you at the GFC.

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