Eat Your Way to Healthcare Savings

I was glad to see the article about food and healthcare savings.  Don has joined me in the Omega 3 experiment.  Normally, he’s pretty skeptical about supplements and claims of eating certain things to improve health in some way.  However, he’s also had longstanding, chronic problems with his knee, and tendonitis problems with his finger.  Both are caused by inflammation, so he decided to try the Omega 3 routine, and both problems are disappearing.  By changing the quality of what we’re eating and adding a few high Omega 3 items, we’re seeing great results.

For six easy ways to save money on healthcare, click here


In a different article, about pesticides (in Mother Earth News), there’s good information on what crops commonly are treated, how it effects living organisms, and how persistent they are in the soil.  Below is an excerpt.

“Neonicotinoids are widely used on corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, wheat, ornamentals and more. Some sources note that it’s difficult for farmers to find corn seed that hasn’t been treated with one of these insecticides.”