Duffel Dachshund

This was just too cute to pass up.  It’s our version of  “Where’s Waldo.”  Don was getting ready for his fishing trip, for days (actually weeks!).  He had his duffel bag out, where he could just put things in it, as he thought about it.  By the final day, Dixie thought it was looking like a pretty good place  to burrow.

Dixie In A Bag

I have visions of having a new bunch of fillets.  The fisherman dreams of the fish and the fight, the cook dreams of fillets!  (This time I also requested fresh shrimp, from one of the guys on the side of the road.)  I won’t get my hopes up, until I get that call telling me how many they’re catching.  And Dixie will just be glad to have her couch buddy back home.