Din Ho Chinese BBQ

I haven’t talked about Din Ho Restaurant before, but it’s one of our favorite Asian restaurants.  The problem is that it’s in Austin, and there are so many great restaurants to choose from.  But, on our latest trip, we were so hungry for good Asian food, we went out of our way to get there.  Here’s the reason you won’t see pictures – we left the camera in the car, and neither one of us would go back out in the cold to get it (pretty lame, I know).

They make one of the best hot and sour soups that I’ve ever tasted, so we started with that.  It’s big enough for 2, and you’ll take some home.  I usually order chow fun, and this trip was no exception.  I love really good flat (rice) noodles with beef and scallions.  Don ventured out and ordered seared scallops with BBQ pork.  It was amazing, and he decided that he’d have to order it again the next time we go.  We took lots home, so the next day, we got to enjoy it again.

Din Ho is in the strip center by Target at Ohlen and 183 (Research).

There’s also a fairly good size Asian market, by the restaurant.  I was pretty excited to see that it had reopened, because there are some items I can only find at Asian markets, and in this area, they aren’t easy to get to, unless I want to go to Killeen – but Austin is a much better place to hangout!