December 2015 Garden Report

I’m done cooking at the lodge, until January, so I can concentrate on the yard and veggies.  I’ve said it before, but having food readily available in our yard is one of life’s pleasures for me.

It’s a pretty remarkable year for harvesting a variety of things.  The pecan crop is still going, the Meyer Lemons are still ripening (the tree is living in the garage, now), Swiss chard leaves are huge, lettuce gorgeous, basil in the greenhouse is crazy big, and I picked tomatoes this week.  All of the greens growing in containers in back are doing really well.

While most people like to clean up leaves, and kind of tidy up in the fall, I let everything pile up, it extends the growing season, because it protects the plants.  Plus, I have a ready supply of leaves for mulch in the greenhouse, whenever I need them.

If you haven’t planted lettuce and greens, it’s not too late.  Protect them if we get a hard freeze, but this is their season!