Damn-age Control

I feel like I should start a 12 step program to help gardeners recover from persistent pests and obsessively trying to grow things in central Texas.  I live in the city, perhaps the pests just need to have some signage to remind them that they are in the city limits.  There’s lots of country for them to live in.  It’s madness I tell you.

We’ve managed to block the deer out of most areas, which I consider a major victory.  Then there’s the grasshoppers, and unfortunately there’s a few left, still eating.  I’m setting out little swimming pools (buckets) for them with oil and soap in the water.  This leads me to my newest problem.  An armadillo (apparently, or several) destroyed my garden overnight.  I have no concrete plan right now, I only wish crying would help.  While I’m planning my new attack, I’ll have to plant large pots in the rocked area.  My little plants in the windowsill need to be set out soon.  They weren’t even safe there, until I covered them with fine mesh.  The window is on the porch and a perfect place to start seeds, but the grasshoppers found the first plantings.  I ask you, wouldn’t that make you nuts?!  I don’t think I can even think about this anymore, because it’s making my head hurt and making my hair gray – damn.