Cooking For One

One of my readers reminded me, I don’t really have specific recipes for cooking for one.  Dishes that are simple to do, without a lot of leftovers.  I know it’s easy to cook a little larger amounts and freeze in portion size, but realistically some of us will never take it out of the freezer and eat it later.

Some people think it’s not worth it to cook for one.   For a number of years, I cooked meals for one, and I always thought I was worth it.  Those ready made things the manufacturers try to get you to buy, cannot compare nutritionally to what you can put together easily and quickly and less expensively.

So I’m going to do a little series of dishes perfect for “one”.  Hopefully I’ll remember to do a few more in the “cooking for one” series as time goes on.  The recipes will be pretty easy to expand to two servings, four servings, or even more also.

For additional recipes for one, try some of the travel meals I used to make when I was on the road a lot.  Go to recipes, then scroll down to “Travel Meals.”  It should give you more ideas to work into your repertoire.

My general rules for quick and tasty meals for one are to start with a protein (beans or meat), add a couple vegetables, then:

  • top a pizza with it
  • stuff it in a baked potato
  • toss it with pasta
  • saute it with eggs
  • fry it with rice
  • toast it in a quesadilla
  • drop it in soup