Cooking at the Lodge Day 2 – Spray Crew

It was a bit less hectic today.  Lunch was leftovers from yesterday’s taco bar, plus Italian sausage with sauteed peppers and onions.  The vote was to have peach cobbler for lunch instead of supper, because some of the guys were leaving.  Apparently, the cobbler was the talk of the bunkhouse last night!  I use one of Dot’s old recipes to make the crust, and the peach filling was the taste test favorite, while I was doing recipe development for the bakery.  I’ll have to give you that recipe soon, it’s easy to make because you’re not rolling out a crust.

Dinner was supposed to be oven steak, but the number of people kept changing, and dropped significantly.  So I made steak sauteed in butter, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach with bacon, yeast rolls, and more cobbler.  Since it ended up being 5 people for dinner, there is a lot of food I didn’t use, so it’s frozen.  Now, I’m thinking of ways to use it next week, for the first of two turkey hunts.  Who knew, I could ever be excited about hunting seasons?!