Cooking at Lodge – Day Six

It was breakfast only today, and then the hunters were headed home.  Everyone got a deer, and they were almost giddy!  For breakfast we had leftover fried pork chops, biscuits and gravy, bacon, and a potato, egg and cheese frittata.

While they were eating breakfast, I started the Beef Stew for the next round of hunters, that way I can just finish cooking it and make the sides.  After everyone was gone, I went grocery shopping for next week.  When I got back, the 4 containers of spinach didn’t fit in the fridge very well, so I decided to wilt it all.  It’s never ending, really!

After some 12 hour days and a little stress, I’ve managed to get a cold (I think), and it’s real annoying.  My day off is tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll rest enough so I won’t have to wear surgical garb to cook.