Maybe it’s because I was just in the tropics, but fresh coconut is such a treat.  When I was in Panama, I did have one that had a fair amount “meat” in it, but I love green coconuts.  There is a lot of coconut water in a green coconut, and a little pudding-like meat that you can scoop out.  That is, you can scoop it out after some kind person opens it with a machete!  The other day I stopped in La Michoacana, and they had green coconuts for 1.39.  So, Don got to practice his machete skills.  Of course, coconuts vary in sweetness, so you take your chances.

Green husk and coconut water removed

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  1. dian says:

    This takes me back….we drank the milk from a little hole my dad drilled into the coconut.

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