Coconut Milk Tapioca

This variation of tapioca, got rave reviews in our house.  It’s a simple, slightly sweet way to end your supper.


Coconut Milk Tapioca

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: Serves 6


  • 3 TBSP instant tapioca
  • 1/3 cup firmly packed brown sugar
  • 2 TBSP sugar
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 1 egg
  • 3 cups unsweetened coconut milk and whole milk combination
  • 1 (1-2") knob of ginger
  • Zest of one lime
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 cup, whipped cream (optional)


  1. In a medium saucepan, whisk together the tapioca and the next 4 ingredients well.
  2. Whisk in milks. I use at least 1 can of coconut milk, and the rest of the 3 cups in whole milk.
  3. Add ginger and lime zest, and let sit 5 minutes.
  4. Cook and stir over medium heat, until it boils. Lower heat and simmer until thickened.
  5. Remove ginger, remove tapioca from heat, and stir in vanilla.
  6. Place in a bowl to cool. Cover and refrigerate until set and cold.
  7. Fold in whipped cream, if using. It does make it lighter, but richer. I did not use it for the recipe pictured.