Cattle Roundup Lunch

It’s roundup time at the ranch, so I’m cooking a couple “manly” lunches at the lodge.  My schedule has been kind of tight, so I’m doing a hot lunch the first day, and sandwiches the second day.  I had a request for Stuffed Pizza Meatloaf, so they’re having that with twice baked potatoes, Cream Spinach, yeast rolls, and Peach Cobbler with peaches and cream ice cream.  The twice baked potatoes are just the standard – butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, and green onion.  Right now, my number one requested main dish is the stuffed meatloaf.  For one of the last groups I fixed a beef tenderloin, and they actually sounded disappointed that it wasn’t the meatloaf!  I know, it’s kind of unbelievable.  So, for now, I’m sticking with the meals these guys have been crazy about.

Since I can’t be there on the second day, I made chicken salad for sandwiches.  They’ll have that, or leftover meatloaf sandwiches.  The extras include cheese, pickles, peppers, lettuce, and onion.  I made a few deviled eggs, because I had the remainder of a dozen that needed to be used.  I’m hoping the cobbler lasts for two days, if not, I’ll have to create a dessert plan!