Calvert Trade Days

Saturday, I had a great trip to Calvert.  You might remember, it’s my favorite place to get really delicious pastured pork.  I thought I would combine my grocery trip, with my first visit to Calvert Trade Days, which are the third Saturday of every month.  Unfortunately, they aren’t in full swing yet, but there were a few vendors.  Of course, there were other stops to make.

The visit to Epps Family Farm was just as wonderful as the last time, Jane sliced up some oranges and we had a great visit.  I am always inspired by their optimism and joy, even though they’ve lived without running water, since their well collapsed eighteen months ago.  They’ve been hauling water from the neighbor’s well, this entire time.  I did my best to empty their freezer of pork, and also took home some fresh eggs.  We had a discussion about a whole suckling pig, because you know I have this pig roaster now, and I’m itching to use it again!  The biggest catch is, I have to find a meat processor that will leave the skin on it, so that’s my project this week.  I can get one from them that has the skin off, but we really want the skin on, for the next roast.

Then it was on to lunch at a local restaurant that a couple of people have told me about, Butch’s Brick Pit BBQ.  The rice dressing and pork came highly recommended, and that’s what I had, and it was delicious.  I must admit I was tempted by Butch’s Bucket.  It has rice, brisket, cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos.

I couldn’t leave Calvert without some gourmet kolaches from Zamykal.  They’re only open Thurs – Sun, and I missed it, the last trip.  (They do have their own site, but my internet browser is suspicious of the security, so I didn’t do a link to their direct site.)

It looks like the next trip to Calvert will be May 18.  There should be a lot more vendors at trade days, and some with vegetables.  But, the biggest reason to go in May is for the blackberries, at Epps Farm.