Cafe Cappuccino

I had a short cooking gig at the hunting lodge this week, and when we finished grocery shopping for my “over the top” meal plan, we stopped at Cafe Cappuccino on Hewitt Drive to grab a quick lunch.  And I have to say, it’s a great place for a good breakfast or lunch.  They have a fair amount of choices, but they close early at the Hewitt location, so check their website.  Nina and I both made breakfast choices, for lunch.  She had Migas and I had Mexican Mash.  I forgot to tell you Nina was my designated driver that day.  I had an appointment earlier in the day, with the acupuncturist, for my massive back problems (and everything has gotten much, much better), but me being the driver for more than a very short distance, isn’t happening yet.

Anyway, back to the lodge!  A very wonderful woman was hired to help me in the kitchen, and she is oh so good.  I didn’t make anything new for this last hunt, just lots of old comfort food favorites.  And one of the guys got a 14-point buck on the last day.

The lodge is in one of the highest spots in Coryell County, and I thought you might enjoy the view.  I only wish we had some fall color.

Ranch 1

Ranch 2