Bye Bye Bambi


I thought the deer and I had reached a truce, but now I see all bets are off.  They’ve breached the garden barrier, and feasted on okra, some Italian green beans, and crowder peas.  The sad part is that while I concentrate on fortifying the garden against them, other predators will appear – squash bugs, grasshoppers……

If you are a person that lives in the city and feeds deer, I have two words for you, STOP IT.  They don’t belong here.  They need to be in the woods, and you go there and see them if you want to, or create your own petting zoo, and fence them in your property!

My new neighbors have 2 dogs that really dislike deer.  I need to have more conversations with them, but I see a gate from their backyard onto our property, in my future.  It’s a small glimmer of hope, but it helps my general attitude.

Just an update on the deer problem.  The double layer of netting seems to be keeping them out of the big garden.  But one of them has learned to crawl between the rock wall and the netting in the backyard.  I noticed a tomato plant nipped off, and a green bean plant, and some spinach nibbled on.  So, Don spent Friday night extending the netting in the back.