Blackberries, Pork, and Trade Days

And the place where those 3 things collide is Calvert, TX.  It was the Saturday outing.  Epps Farm was the first stop, after I got lost.  You know I’ve made the trip a few times before, so there’s no explaining my little detour.  This past Sat. was the first day for picking blackberries.  They’ve got a good crop coming in, and when I go back in June, the huge blackberries should be ready.  We had a fun time picking and being entertained by Sarah, the Epps 4 yr old daughter.  If you want to go and pick, make sure you call first.

Epps Farm BlackberriesBlackberries

I couldn’t leave the farm without getting some pork and some eggs also.  It was great to see they are in the process of having a new well dug.  They’ve been without running water for 20 months (they’ve been hauling water in from the neighbors).

We decided we were starving, after all that hard work!  Well, it seems all but one of the restaurants in Calvert have closed, so that’s where we went.  The food looked delicious, and 45 minutes after we placed our order, we found out the kitchen had not started our order yet, so we left.  We stopped at Calvert Trade Days, briefly because there wasn’t much there.  And we also went in Cocomoda to buy truffles.  While I can’t afford to buy a box of truffles from them, I did have a lime truffle that tasted like the best key lime pie, ever.

Still looking for some way to have lunch, we headed to Green’s Sausage House.  About 5 minutes after we got on the road, we ended up behind a string of cars that were behind some huge trailers of something so large, the oncoming traffic had to pull off the road.  Our maximum speed was never more than maybe 45 mph.  It was the longest trip to Green’s I hope to ever have.

We did minimal shopping in Green’s market, before we sat down for lunchner (lunch and dinner) after 3:30 pm.  We were getting pretty concerned about our ability to really have a meal that day, when a waitress didn’t show up until 10 minutes after we sat down.  I’m sure she had no idea what was going on, when she brought our food a few minutes after we ordered, and we were thanking her profusely.  Everything was delicious, and not just because we’d waited so long to eat!  You’d have to try, to have a bad meal at Green’s.  I’m not much of a sandwich person, so I had catfish, and it was perfectly cooked.

I’m glad to say the rest of the day was uneventful!  The next adventure to Calvert will involve picking up a live young pig and taking it to the processor to be prepare for a whole pig roast.  You can already tell, that will be a story.