Birthday Takeout

It’s special occasion time in our house – anniversary and birthdays.  Don just had his birthday, and I just couldn’t make myself cook.  I know, hard to believe!  His favorite pie is coconut cream, and I do make a killer coconut cream, but after a couple pieces get eaten, it just sits in the fridge.  Then I discovered Marie Calendar’s makes a frozen two mini coconut cream pie pack – perfect.  Dessert was done.  For dinner, I got takeout from Baytown – fried shrimp and French fries.  If you like fried food, they do a great job, and “fried” is a food group for Don.  Unfortunately, he was an hour late getting home, so I spread everything out on a rack, on a baking pan, and threw all the containers away.  When he got home, I opened the oven and said “Happy Birthday.”  He said, “Wow, did you make all that.”  And I said, with great confidence and pride, “Yes.”