Beginning Winter Garden 2014

I’m getting ready for much colder weather tonight (Saturday).  Along with moving all the cold sensitive plants, I’m harvesting all the tomatoes I can, and picking the small butternut squash that I’ll cook like summer squash.  I found a really large butternut, ready to pick, underneath all the basil plants, and a few red banana peppers.  I wouldn’t have known the peppers were there, if they had turned red, because it was a volunteer plant, also lost in our sea of Thai basil.

In the greenhouse, I managed to plant spinach, upland watercress, and sugar snap peas. The volunteer lettuce plants are doing well, but I need to get more planted soon.  We still have a few grasshoppers in the yard, so I’m concerned about planting beets and greens in my back beds, right now.  I decided to put Paris Market carrots in one of the large pots out back.  I’m hoping to get a little more planted, before I start cooking at the lodge next week.

The pecan crop continues to be crazy this year, especially after the rain and winds.  It’s hard to keep up with what needs to be harvested.  Our trees that have papershell pecans sometimes don’t have consistently good nuts, but this year the pecans are fabulous.  In addition to nuts, the pecan trees are supplying us with loads of leaves to mulch with this fall and winter.  The greenhouse could use a new supply for the walkway.