Beef Sliders

If you make a pot roast instead of Beef Stew, and you have leftovers, this is a great recipe to make.  You could always use steak or beef tenderloin, leftovers too.  I used butter, sour cream, and mayo to kind of glue everything together, so nothing fell out when I grilled them.

 Beef SliderS

Beef Sliders


  • Baby bagels
  • Butter, room temperature
  • Cream cheese, room temperature
  • Blue cheese
  • Sliced cooked beef
  • Pepper
  • Granulated garlic powder
  • Sour cream or mayonnaise
  • Sauteed mushrooms*
  • Dried thyme


  1. Open bagels and on one side smear with cream cheese and on the other smear with butter.
  2. Top the cream cheese side with blue cheese.
  3. Lay the beef on the buttered side.
  4. Top the beef with pepper, garlic powder, and a smear of mayonnaise or sour cream, then a couple mushroom slices. Sprinkle with thyme.
  5. Sandwich the two sides together.
  6. Grill both in a skillet with melted butter.
  7. *To saute mushrooms - slice fairly thin, then heat a skillet, drop in butter and let it get hot. Saute mushrooms in a single layer. Let them brown at least on one side, then flip. Do not salt until you get ready to take them out of the pan, and do not overcook. You only need a couple of slices for each slider, so a couple mushrooms will go a long way.