Austin in the Rain

Can’t say that it was the easiest trip I’ve made to Austin.  The rain has been fabulous, but when rain and traffic come together as one on the highway, talking and gesturing to other drivers ramps up considerably.

Even though our trip was primarily for printer ink and shelves for the garage, we did manage to go to a couple places new to us.  It’s very interesting to see the change happening in the food supply.  Even Costco is carrying more organic products than ever, and organic products are becoming more affordable.  Oh, and just a note about Costco, a new one will be opening in the Leander area (looks like after August sometime).

I went to Pasta & Co. on Kerbey Lane for the first time.  I decided on an herb short pasta and a wild mushroom ravioli.  There is an amazing selection of fresh pasta, and prepared frozen pasta dishes.  Click here for their information.

The herb short pasta I wanted to really be able to taste, so I just put a little garlic butter on it.  I’ll be buying it again, it’s really good.

The wild mushroom ravioli is amazing.  I wish I had lots more, or maybe it’s a good thing I don’t!  I mixed it with chopped Asparagus with Garlic Butter and Capers and sauteed red peppers – unbelievable.

Since we were right next door to Kerbey Lane Restaurant, we were really tempted to go there for lunch, because I love their food, but we moved on to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try.  In south Austin there’s a little restaurant, Hecho En Mexico on William Cannon, that was our lunch destination.  They are most definitely not Tex Mex, but have really good Mexican food.  I can’t describe the salsa very well, because I’ve never had anything like it.  It was thicker than I’m used to (more like a sauce), had the perfect amount of heat, and it was good for a change.  For lunch I had seafood enchiladas and Don had a chile relleno.  The sauces were superb and things weren’t drowned in cheese or any kind of dairy.  We did not feel stuffed and never felt like we do after a Tex Mex meal.  The only word I think of when I have food that’s fresh, whole, and really good is “clean.”  I know that’s a little strange, but it’s how I think of the food at Kerbey Lane Restaurant and Central Market Cafe also.