Austin in the Rain II

It’s apparently becoming a recurring theme!  But, you just can’t complain about the rain….unless you’re sitting in rush (3) hour traffic in Austin.  We went to run errands and go to a Dr. appointment.  So let’s just say we went to run errands and shop, because my disability to distinguish time, meant the doctor’s appointment was no longer an issue.  We actually got quite a bit done, including all the usual places.  There were some great cookies to be had at Sprouts, unbelievable fresh focaccia bread at Central Market, and a must have (painted) black, galvanized, tall rectangular planter from IKEA.  But, I have to say the standout of the day was our lunch spot, Epicerie.  What a great meal.  I had grilled Pork Belly with Farro and Radicchio.  The pork they serve is pastured, from Richardson Farms, one of my favorite stops at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market.  Once more, I forgot my camera.  I did get a picture on my phone, only to find out I can’t get it off my phone (I know all the ways to get it off the phone, but it’s just not happening).  It was hard for me to imagine that the guy sitting next to me, had the same thing I did, and barely ate it.  I’m sure he thought it was much too fatty to eat.  It’s pork belly, fresh bacon, it’s part of the deal!  Would it have been rude to ask him to just pass it over to me?  I was very tempted!