Austin February 2013

The trip to Austin started out slow.  First we decided to go to East Austin Succulents, a nursery that was new to us.  Being devotees of nurseries and succulents, it was the perfect spot, if it just hadn’t been Tuesday.  The first problem was that we were on 7th street, and Tillery St. is an overpass.  When we crossed the Colorado River, we decided we better turn back!  We finally managed to get there, and while waiting for it to open at 10am, we walked around the fenced area, imagining where to start, and which of the gorgeous succulents might soon be in the back of our car.  Then we noticed the part of the sign that said closed on Monday and Tuesday.

On to our next destination, a candy shop on south Congress.  It was a little before 10:30 and we had to pick up someone near Central Market around 10:45.  We could’ve made it work, but the shop didn’t open until 11:00.  It was deja vu, unfortunately.  Undaunted, we picked up our third (person), and did some shopping at Central Market before we went to lunch.

By the time we left CM we were starving, and ready to try a new place for lunch that has great fried (red) fish.  As luck would have it, it didn’t open until 4:30.  So, we headed south and went to our old standby, Kerbey Lane.  They have consistently good food (locally sourced, pastured pork, etc.).  We had great salads, fries, and tacos.

Now it was back to The Big Top Candy Shop on Congress.  One of our trio had been there before, and had been really impressed.  It’s hard to describe the magnitude, and variety of what they have.  You’d have to stay for a while to take it all in.  I left with dark chocolate covered molasses, and dark chocolate covered mints.

While we were driving back and forth to the candy store, I noticed Ms. P’s Chicken.  That’s the food trailer that serves fried (free range) chicken.  I tried to go there on the last trip, but it was closed (it’s a theme).  We made a quick stop, so I could get some fried chicken for Don.  His review was that it’s really delicious, and worth going to.  He’s somewhat of an expert on good fried chicken, and since I neglected to get enough for me to try, I’ll do it the next trip!

Ms P's Fried Chicken