Artichokes and Other Garden Goodies

I noticed our first small artichoke today.  We’re hoping it’s one of many.  It’s pretty exciting to be growing one of my favorite vegetables, that’s gotten too expensive to buy on a regular basis.  It reminds me how much I’m saving, when I’m harvesting asparagus spears everyday!


We’ve also got great green peas.  I planted seeds intended for pea shoots, but never pick them in time, to keep them from blooming and making peas.


Today, I pulled our first rutabaga.  It’s going to help create a great beef broth.  Then I’ll use the cooked rutabagas for a side.  It doesn’t look like we’ll get too many, so I’m making the best out of our meager crop.

There are more flower stalks on the cardoon plant.  I’m trying to be more careful when I harvest, because I’ve noticed it’s is the best nursery for ladybugs that I’ve ever seen.