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Lanie Fioretti
Lanie Fioretti

My name is Lanie Fioretti and although I am not a classically trained chef or a degreed nutritionist, I have been studying food and nutrition voraciously since the early seventies.  After working in public health and private practice for 22 years, I retired my dental hygiene license.  I have taught cooking classes at Whole Foods and Central Market, done product development for a bakery in east Texas, catered, and been a personal chef. I usually think of myself as an improvisational cook!  Currently, I am a personal chef for two central Texas people.  I am fortunate to know a physician in Waco that recommends me to some of his patients.

Growing up in an Italian family, food was a very dynamic part of my life.  In addition to learning what good food was, I learned to cook at a young age.  Of course meals were intimate family time.  And now, just as in those years, food is an expression of life, a gift to others, a way to welcome people, our common language, and certainly a manifestation of love and caring.

About Centex Cooks

Centex Cooks was born because, some of the most important decisions we make everyday are about the food we eat.  Since what we eat affects every aspect of our lives, it’s essential to know your food.  Most of my adult years were spent in the Dallas metroplex, where I could find anything I wanted. Living in a small town in Central Texas presents some interesting food challenges.  My concentration is always on the outside aisles of grocery stores where the freshest and healthiest foods are.  Ingredient lists are important, if you don’t know what it is, don’t eat it.  Generally, the shorter the ingredient list, the better the food.  The less processed and more “whole” and natural the food is, the better it is.  Whenever possible, buy local meats and vegetables, grown and raised without chemicals.

In addition to a great diversity of scrumptious recipes, you’ll find gardening ideas and tips, pantry essentials, current food news, and if you’re a traveler or live in a dorm with a microwave as your only cooking device, check out “Travel Meals” under “Recipes.”

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