A Hit and a Miss in Austin

Let me talk about the “Miss” first.  After months of waiting, In.gredients, zero waste grocery, opened in Austin.  I took all of my containers and bags with me, and maybe I was expecting too much, but it was a big disappointment.  I didn’t buy anything.  It’s very small and very overpriced.  When I checked the pork ribs from Richardson Farms, they were $5.00 more a lb that at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market (same vendor).  Most of their dry bulk items you can purchase at Whole Foods or Central Market for much less.  If it changes and becomes wonderful, let me know.  For In.gredients information, click here.


Now for the “Hit” and the highlight of my day.  We went to Hillside Farmacy for a late lunch, and it was spectacular.  The building is wonderful, and the food was very, very good.  They serve mostly local fare.  We had an Italian Grinder sandwich, The Forager sandwich (roasted mushrooms, caramelized onions, brie, and truffle oil), and the White Anchovy & Artichoke salad.  You can tell I had the Forager, because I couldn’t resist telling you what was in it!  For dessert we had an eclair with coffee cream filling and a salted caramel macaroon.  Go there, it’s worth the stop.  They have homemade gnocchi on the dinner menu, and I just have to have it one of these times when I can go for dinner.  I can’t even read the rest of a menu once I see “homemade gnocchi,” the blood starts rushing in my head and my vision becomes locked in on the words.  It’s not that I can’t make gnocchi, it’s just that it’s a bit of work, so I love to order it out.  Once you have the homemade version, you’ll never buy those packaged things in the store again.